About Reimage

Reimage - a partnership between Kentuckianaworks and the Louisville Metro Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods - offers a second chance to young adults age 16 -24 who have been involved in the court system.

Reimage provides assistance with career training, GED prep, enrolling in college, finding a good job, navigating the court system, transportation, and much more! Click here to see the full list of youth services.

Participants are paired with professional case managers as well as mentors who serve as role models. There is no cost to participate in the Reimage program.

Reimage does strategic recruitment in several West Louisville neighborhoods where the need is greatest, including Russell, Shawnee and Park Hill. However, eligible youth and young adults from all areas of Louisville can participate in the program.

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“Before I found this program I wasn’t where I wanted to be…it was rough. Now I’m confident about my future and that’s a great feeling.”

- Kanesha Hutchinson, Manufacturing Pathway graduate


“I found this program at the perfect time in my life and I don’t know where I’d be otherwise. It pushed me in the right direction and gave me a solid foundation.”

- Troy McLemore